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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in Athens

Our plan for Friday was to drive back to Athens, drop off the rental car and catch a 2 hour high speed ferry to Hydra for two days on the island.  An e-mail from the port authority let me know that our tickets were being refunded due to strike.  So no Hydra.  We dropped the rental car at the airport and sat down to figure out what to do.  Athens had endured about 4 days of intense protest and I wasn't sure I wanted to venture back into the city.  The tourist information desk at the airport assured me that all was quiet and normal in the city (except the ferries) - metro is running, museums are open, no protests this weekend.  So, we headed back into Athens to stay at the same hotel as when we arrived two weeks ago. 

We checked our the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  We had missed this before due to strikes.  The Arch of Hadrian sits right out on the road as all the cars, buses and scooters fly right by.

Willliam's thoughts on Greece:  I think Greece is a great place for tourism as long as you are willing to climb stairs.  Greece has great food.  I have eaten gyros, beef burgers (little meatloafs) and lots of potatos (french fries).  Greece has crowded, fast moving streets.  Things are very cheap in Greece.  Water is .50 euros for 1.5 liter bottle.  Gyros (meat wrapped in pita) have pork, french fries and onion in them for 2 euros as long as they are "to go". 

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