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Monday, August 15, 2011


This past spring we decided to make some changes.  We have been progressing along the assembly line of life, following the manual so to speak.  We have a nice home (and like everyone else we live in our car), our boys do well in school and have the necessary amount of extra curricular activities to make us crazy busy and we manage to take a nice vacation once a year at the prescribed time.  We really have nothing to complain about, but this is not the plan we made a long time ago before kids, house, dog and a huge lawn that needs to be mowed weekly.  We always said we were going to make time for more adventure and expand our horizons, live outside the box so to speak.  Instead we have worried about the huge expense of boarding a dog and the overwhelming need to keep the grass from becoming a monster that will rise up and take over the house.

But, a new plan began to hatch last spring.  After spending an amazing amount of money on private school tuition for 11 years, we decided to spend the tuition for 2011/12 on some real life studies and some family time.  Beginning this September we will be a homeschooling family with plans to travel.  The adventure begins next Sunday when we head to Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston for two weeks of on site American History.  This past week we purchased tickets to Athens, Greece for the month of October and are beginning to investigate Peru for December.  Next April our plan is to rent an RV and spend the month on the road across the U.S. via I-90 (national parks and fossil digging) and Route 66 back to Santa Monica Pier.  It's time to stop at all those photo/lookout opportunities we have been speeding right past on the way to our destination.

This blog will be the journal of our adventure, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Stay tuned...

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