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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Philadelphia - Day 7, 8 and 9

Day 7

I was outvoted today.  I wanted to take a leisurely drive through Lancaster County and Valley Forge on our way to Philadelphia.  All 3 boys voted for Hershey instead.  Mark commented that it was the busiest place we have been so far.  It was remarkably quite in Gettysburg the day before.  Yes, we ate chocolate, drank chocolate and bought even more supplies for the road.  On the way out of town we enjoyed the town with its Hershey Kiss light poles. 

Having never experienced a hurricane on the west coast, I was nervous enough to call the hotel in Philadelphia and inquire if it was wise to continue to drive east.  The hotel front desk person pleasantly let me know that the mass transit was shutting down and most businesses were closed but they were still open and expecting us. I did suggest that maybe we may want to make other plans.  Again, I was outvoted and we actually drove towards Hurricane Irene into Philadelphia.  It was a crazy night on 10th floor as the storm passed through.

Day 8

In the aftermath of rain and wind, Philadelphia continued to be a ghost town.  We spent the day on foot seeing the city.  By late afternoon the sun returned and a few of the family owned businesses began to open and we were able to enjoy a Cheese Steak for dinner.

Day 9

The original plan was to Amtrak to Boston today, but Amtrak is not running.  Learning to be flexible is a good travel skill to acquire early in our adventure.  We changed things around and decided to hang out and see Philadelphia on a regular sunny Monday.    Today all the building were open.

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